Amy's Highly Favored Spa & Salon


Massage Memberships Available: 

Monthly Massages 60.00 each

2 or 3 a Month 50.00 each

4 or more a month  40.00 each 

Appointments made and paid for at the same time. We do not withdraw from your account monthly. Each month, you decide how many massages you need for health benefits and financial availability!

***No Roll Overs. Must be used the same month that the appointments are made and paid for.

***24 Hour Cancellation Policy Applies. $40.00 cancellation fee if we do not receive 24 hours notice of cancellation.


120 Min Listed Massages   130.00

90 Min Listed Massages   100.00

60 Min Listed Massages    70.00

30 Min Listed Massages    40.00                                                                                         ( $10.00 additional for stone or aromatherapy with any massage)

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology,

Medical, Pregnancy.

60 Min Foot Massage with Reflexology   30.00

30 Min Foot Massage   18.00

10 Min Chair Massage   10.00


Lip   6.00

Eyebrow   7.00

Side Burns   8.00

Neck 10.00

Chin   8.00

Underarms   15.00

Full arms   35.00

1/2 Arm   20.00

Full Leg   50.00

1/2 Leg   30.00

Bikini   15.00

Back orChest (men)  55.00


Wash, Cut and Blow Dry   50.00  (15.00 with ironing)

(Long Hair Extra on all hair services)

Prisms Conditioner 25.00 

Men's Wash Cut and Blow Dry  -   short hair 25.00

Blow Out   30.00 & up

Corrective Coloring   95.00 & up  

Touch Ups  65.00 & up

Foils   (whole Head) 120.00 & up

Foils (1/2 Head) 70.00

Foils (Top only) 35.00

Permanents   75.00 & up



60 Min Relaxation Facial   70.00

Extractions 25.00

30 Min Mini Facial   40.00

60 Min Back Facial 80.00

30 Min Back Facial 45.00


Regular Manicure  12.00

40 Min. Relaxation Manicure   18.00

Glue Manicure   20.00

Full Set tips  55.00

Full Set Perm French   65.00

Fill Ins   30.00   (2 weeks) 

Fill Ins Perm French   34.00

French Polish   5.00  Nails  8.00 Toes

Shellac     25.00

Regular Pedicure   25.00

45 Min. Relaxation Pedicure   30.00

Spa Pedicure with callous remover   45.00  


Operation Reinvent is a non for profit organization that helps women veterans, coming home from duty, to get re-established. We, as a Salon Spa supporter, give female veterans a free hair and make-up, make over. This gift is so little compared to what they have done for us!

Hours Of Service

Monday by appointment only

Tuesday  by appointment only

Wednesday by appointment only

Thursday  11:00 - 9:00

Fiday 10:00 - 7:00

Saturday 10:00 - 6:00



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