Amy's Highly Favored Spa & Salon

We are a Salon Day Spa serving people on a daily basis. We are here to help people rejuvenate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Praise and worship music play in the backround while your services are being performed. There is no foul language, crude jokes, gossiping, alcohol/drug use or inappropriate dress. A place knowing that peace and comfort exist while getting the quality of service expected. We are available anytime to pray for or with people. We are servants of our Lord Jesus Christ and work unto Him to bring others to His saving Grace.


I am a licensed cosmetologist since 1978. I had owned a few salons in the past, but in 2001 God led my husband and I into the auto repair business. God's Way Auto Repair located in Wyandanch. We were there until October 2012. My husband, exhausted, prayed for a buyer to relieve him of working 6 days a week. God brought a buyer in and within 4 weeks we were "retired".

When February 2013 came around, I was prompted by my daughter Amanda to start up a business. I prayed about it and starting researching business ventures. I did not know which direction God wanted us to go in. I told the Lord that whatever he wanted, I would submit but that it had to basically fall into my lap as he had done in the past.

I had stayed on top of the "appearance Enhancement" business, as legally called, and continued working on friends, family and neighbors. I was also going to different places to get massages, waxing, nails and pedicures for myself. I kept wishing that there was a place that spoke english, was fairly priced, and treated me well as a consumer.

I finally settled into a place where they were professing Christians and had tracks laying on their coffee table and counters. When I walked in and they were not busy, they would be reading their Bibles. I was estatic and continued to support them for the last 3 years. Unfortunately, tension is in there now. I could tell you I don't know why, but I do. When economic times hit hard, most people go into grumpy mode instead of going to our provider, Abba Father. It has become very hard to go there with the crude comments, depression on the workers and the frustration hitting clients in the face as they walked in. I personally was tired of being "scolded" because I had 1 or more broken nails. My attitude is, your going to charge me for the broken nails so why belittle a customer for it? It really had me thinking ...

I prayed for them and asked God at the same time "where do you want me Lord? What business can I be a servant for you and continue to help people?"

God impressed upon my heart that His servants, like myself, were exhausted! They needed a place to have peace, worship and to be served themselves! Ahhhh, now I have a direction. I brought out my long legal pad and a pen and starting writing. Putting it all down on paper gave me complete direction.

I started searching for a rental. The first one dropped in my lap, was 1000 square feet and cheap rent. I moved on leasing it. Within 4 weeks, they told me they could not rent it to me due to a hair salon next door. Searching the internet and praying, a strip of new stores for rent where the old post office was popped up. I called. 1033 square feet, crazy rent, but above all, I had to write up a proposal of "Why they should rent to me". After an hour of my continued search, I gave up. Mad and frustrated, I prayed and submitted to our God. Peace took it's place and I went to bed knowing God was in control and if He wanted this, He was going to have to make it happen.

The next morning an email from a broker was on my computer. Her ad was simple and bland. "1700 square feet. East Northport". I had written to her the night before. I saw the place within the hour and knew that it was God! WHY, I asked God, 1700 square feet?!? HUGE!!! I proceeded to get the lease in order. I did not need 2 months security, the price was awesome, the broker fee was paid by the landlord ... who could ask for more?

God has aligned everything up to His wants and needs on this journey. The contractors, electricians and supplies. God has allowed so much of this ministry to be donated, knowing it was impossible for me to do. He has supplied all of our needs including awesome employees who are thrilled to be able to serve God and people all in one place.

The Lord's leading, the prayer support, the people who have joined me in the vision, the donations of time and furniture and the excitement running around anticipating the Grand Opening has by far, exceeded my expectations of what God had in mind. And why not? He is the owner of it all, We just manage it!! 

Glory to God in the Highest!!!




We donate Hair cuts to our Military in Appreciation for their service

Hours Of Service

Monday  9:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday  9:00am - 9:00pm

Wedsnesday   9:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday   9:00am - 9:00pm

Friday   9:00am - 9:00pm

Saturday   9:00am - 9:00pm

Sunday   Closed

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